Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend is coming to a close. This was not a holiday I grew up recognising,(in England we have Remembrance Day in November) but I appreciate the opportunity to take this day to stop and remember all those who have lost their lives protecting the freedoms of others. I think that the BBQ's and family camping trips which have become traditions for Memorial Day weekend seem like appropriate activities to mark the occasion. While remembering in reverence those who are not here to celebrate with their families, it seems like a fitting way to show thankfulness for their sacrifice by doing something with the people you love in their memory.
Jeremy and I have been able to spend some good couple time together this weekend, as well as BBQ-ing with dear friends and making some headway with baby prep too which feels great.

Today for many, many, reasons we feel thankful and blessed.

(30 weeks 4 days)

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