Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is that an elbow?

While I always enjoy a three day weekend I always find it hard to adjust to my shorter week when it follows. I feel as though I am playing catch up. Not to mention I am usually double pooped because for some reason we try and fit in way more than just one extra day of activities into the long weekend!
If you are counting down with me, you will know that I have just a couple of weeks left. (And yes, I will soon begin a countdown by hours). I have some big final projects to finish up but I am feeling very pleased that working hard this quarter has set me up to have a fairly mild last couple of weeks. Always nice when that pays off.

Pregnancy-wise I have officially reached the insomnia/fatigue phase. It has started taking a couple of hours to fall asleep at night even though I am exhausted and then because of frequent bathroom trips, sore hips and general discomfort I am usually not sleeping for stretches longer than an hour at a time. During the day this lack of good sleep in evident in the level of fatigue that I have been feeling. At about 11am, 4pm and 7 pm each day I have to make a conscious decision whether I give in to a nap or I do something to stay awake, like take a walk. Usually one of those times ends up being the nap, sometimes my heavy eyelids make that decision for me.

Baby boy is moving a crazy amount, and while everything I am reading is telling me that his movements will be less fierce in these weeks as he gets bigger and space is reduced, he is clearly not reading the same books! I can say that I am starting to be able to tell more and more when the offending weapon is a foot, elbow or butt because my stomach changes shape very obviously. I will try and capture some pictures of this stomach morphing because it is incredible.

With my Mum coming to visit next week and the end of school so close I can taste it, the pre-baby 'to do' list is officially started! It feels decadent to allow myself to plan to do some really fun things that I have blocked from my mind for the last few months because I knew I wouldn't have time for them until now :)
I have waited a long time to click into full Mummy-mode and I am going to enjoy every second.

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