Monday, May 7, 2012


Officially my first 'uncomfortable pregnancy' day yesterday.

The morning was great, went to church, nothing out of the usual, and then we stopped at the grocery store on the way home. There was a car show and rummage sale in the parking lot next to the store so we wandered around before getting our food for the week.

By the time we actually got home my feet were a little swollen and my stomach was even more so. I think if I had filmed my belly at that moment, you could have literally seen it swelling. Crazy. I was suddenly exhausted and was thankful the Mariners were on TV to keep J company and distracted until I felt well enough to get up and go out somewhere to enjoy the spring sunshine.

So stopping at Starbucks for a Happy Hour Frappuccino, we headed to Edmonds and laid our blanket out on the sandy beach. We took out our books and apart from frequent trips to the loo for me, we stayed put for the next few hours until the tide began to get a little close for comfort!

Feeling ever so huge and uncomfortable I didn't fancy going out to dinner, despite J's invitation so instead we stopped for Ivor's fish and chips on the way home. Once back at home I found my way back to the couch and have been here pretty much.

Since the end of our first trimester, when the nausea faded an the ftigue lessened I have honestly been feeling pretty good. I have had to deal with some sciatic nerve pain here and there but its more annoying than anything. So today, feeling just so stretched out and uncomfortable, and so very, very tired after such a small amount of exertion was a little bit f a shock t the system. So far, it's pretty much been business as usual.

I have definitely moved into the season where it takes 2 or 3 motions before I can haul myself off the couch or out of the car but that felt like a right of passage on some level! I am hoping that baby boy was just having a growth spurt or something and today I will not feel quite so impaired.

Here are a couple of snaps from yesterday, 27 weeks 3 days. As you can see in the background the nursery is still a work in progress. Paint samples on the walls, and bench weights waiting to have a new home found for them! Still it captures the moment well.


  1. You look adorable!! Sorry yesterday was uncomfortable.

  2. maybe I gave you my "yuck yucks" yesterday sitting next to you at church. I feel the tiniest bit better today....i only say that to give you hope that this is a yo-yo life (being pregnant), and it will result in the best thing you will ever know!! (hard to believe, but yes, even better than happy hour java chip frappucinos!!) tell J to get crackin' on that nursery, we need color!!!!

    1. I would love him to take the blame but he is waiting for me to make up my mind about exactly where we want which colour, he tried to buy it a few times this weekend but I was being very indecisive. I think I have finally decided and so we will be buying paint tonight! Then we'll see how long it takes to actually finish it.
      Got to find a new home for the bench weights and the book case too!! For now I have too much homework to worry about it. I think when my mum gets here, we'll get busy fixing it up.

  3. I have been a rare vistor on your blog (or any blog, including my own) as of late, and have only just got the wonderful news now! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so overjoyed. Your good news is now going to be THE reason why I will consistently be reading blogs again! Way to go mamma! Your faith in will always be your strength, your foundation, your peace, your everything. =) soooooo happy for you!



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