Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally finished!

I handed in my last assignment for school yesterday. I am so relieved. This has felt like the longest quarter of my life. From the very first week I knew it was going to be hard to focus, but the days seriously dragged on and on and I confess I was not always the best student. Still, I think I did ok in all three classes and passed with not too shabby grades. I have put nails in this quarters classes by posting my books onto Amazon to sell. I love that we can make back some of the money that we spend on my schooling, even if it's just re-cooping book money.

I spent the afternoon Googling questions to ask to potential pediatricians because we had a meet and greet with  potential doctor this evening. It was interesting to consider what was important to us in the person who be partnering with us to care for our child's well being in his formative years. It felt like we should get some parent points for being so prepared for our meeting. In the end we both really liked the doctor and the philosophy of the small practice that she works in so I think our search is over before it really began. Glad to have that checked off the list.

After a quick dinner at home we headed out to our childbirth/infant care class. It was the fourth class of seven and we were given homework to write a birth plan and a postpartum plan. Who knew that there was so much to think about when you are having a baby? Seriously. I know most of it is not technically "essential" but it all seems preferential to going in blind.

The birth plan is something we have been discussing for months, my OB and especially our wonderful doula have both been great at giving us information about the choices we have in the labour process so we feel empowered and informed about what could happen and what we would like if it is medically possible. I think that after all we have been though to get to this point, we honestly do not have many things, if anything that we are not willing to be flexible on if it came to it. We jut want our baby boy to be born safely.However that happens. At my last doctors appointment the baby was in a transverse position, from being breech until this point. Early on she had told me that his position didn't really matter until later in pregnancy, but not I guess we are getting into "later" so she is beginning to prepare me in case we have to opt for a c-section delivery if he doesn't turn. By 35 weeks 85% of babies are in their birth position, so if he doesn't move in the next couple of weeks we may have to seriously entertain the idea. She told me that there were lots of tricks to try to turn him and still believes he could still turn of his own accord but I think she just wanted to mention the possibility in case I was upset at the thought. Obviously, it's not what I would have planned but honestly if that's what needs to happen I won't be crying any tears about a lost birth experience. As long as this baby gets into my arms I can live with the uncomfortable recovery and all the other unknown unpleasantness of major surgery. All that to say we have an scenario A birth plan and a Scenario B plan to write to cover our bases!

However, the postpartum plan is not something we have really considered. I am glad to have the coming weeks to make meals for the freezer and menus and shopping lists for the weeks after my birth so our parents can run some errands without me having to think about what to ask them to get  The also suggested making a chore list for each day so when people come over and ask how they can help you can direct them to a specific task. I think that 's a bit cheeky sounding, but at the same time when I have offered help to a friend after they have had a baby I thin it would have been nice if they had simply said, "it's Tuesday so would you mind cleaning the kitchen" or "It's Friday could you please put on a load of laundry". Then I wouldn't have felt like finding a task for me was more effort than it was worth and actually not that helpful at all. Be warned friends if you offer help, we may take you up on it!

As much as it's hard to really get our heads around just how our lives are going to change, we are trying our best to be as prepared as possible. I love that we have had almost three years to be married and to really have a solid foundation to build on as we welcome this little boy. God's timing continues to bring comfort in the days when all this feels a bit overwhelming!

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