Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Death in the Kitchen

Last weekend I noticed a little puddle at the base of our refrigerator. I assumed I had spilled something and went on with my day.
Then we got out some ice cream which wasn't particularly frozen. Perhaps I had kept the door open too long, or not shut it properly or something? And when I put the ice cream back I noticed another little puddle on the floor, "I have got to be more careful" I thought to myself as I mopped it up.

Later when Jeremy got a loaf of bread from the freezer to "defrost" he discovered that it was already half-way there.

And another pesky little puddle had appeared on the floor.

The truth is hard to take, but our poor little refrigerator is dying :(

Luckily we have a friend who has a spare one which they have graciously allowed us to have so Jeremy and hi Dad will be moving them later today.

The new fridge is not white like our other appliances. At this point, I will be happy to have a freezer that keeps things frozen, but I am secretly hoping that this mismatch will bother Jeremy enough to start some conversations about giving our kitchen a face lift!! He is the one most concerned about having non-matching appliances. I don't think it will matter. Let's face it, our fridge is covered in pictures anyway. I actually don't know if I would notice if someone had mismatched appliances, I have never really thought about it? But my husband is man who likes things in order, matching, just as they should be. So we'll see what happens...just when we were thinking projects were coming to an end for a while.

And speaking of our kitchen get ready, I have something tasty in the works for tomorrow's post for 'What's for Dinner Wednesday'.

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