Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to my Dad-in-law! What a blessing that along with marriage you inherit a whole other set of parents and siblings - I guess there is potential for that to be less than a blessing in some situations, but in my case, I have been truly blessed!

We love you for being men of character, who value their marriages and have modeled what it is to be a good husband as well as a good father. What a gift you are in our lives. Happy Your day!

And to my husband, who will be one of the best fathers around. Our children will be so incredibly lucky to have you. I hope that your love of sports will rub off on our kids (they certainly won't get that from me!) and will mean dates to the ball park and hours of throwing footballs kicking soccer balls at the park. I hope they glean your sense of adventure as they explore the world. I know that you will be their biggest champion, giving them encouragement to go after their dreams and doing all you can to support them. I know that they will love to horse around with you and I am so looking forward to hearing the squeals and laughter as you throw them around!!

J your love for me displays the awesome father you will be. Happy Day to you too my love. I am so glad to be your partner in this life.

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  1. oh, you got me all choked up!!! I've been thinking of J today, and wondering if today is a struggle for him the way mother's day was/is for you. I'm sure it's different, as our men process differently then us, but you said it so beautifully here in your post...and it's all true of J!! I can't wait to see the fruit of J's fatherhood...please God, reveal your Wonder in my dear friends' life....SOON!!!!



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