Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day of Spring

I can hardly believe my eyes, but the sun is finally out in Seattle, I wonder if she realised that the first day of summer is tomorrow and she had better get her act together!

My break from school is halfway over already and I have been a busy little bee. It feels good to finally get round to some fun tasks which have been left on the shelf for a while. This morning I have been painting a chair that has been in the garage for a year waiting to be re finished and made pretty! I also acquired a couple of free Shutterfly books with coupons and am having a blast compiling those. Why is it that things are always more enjoyable when you are getting a deal - I have to get some pictures printed for our Green card update thing so I thought I would combine the delivery and save on shipping too!

I will be taking one class this summer but I just got an email from the professor and it sounds like it will be quite the work load - I am just hoping that it will be sunny enough to do some of the reading outside. That way it might not feel like such a burden!

I am eager to implement some new study practices this quarter and see if I can set myself up for success, better than I have before. I cannot believe that this summer marks the start of my second year of school. It seems a lifetime ago that I was wondering if I could really do this and here I am a year under my belt. At this pace, it will still take another year and a half to finish my AA but perhaps by then I will know what I want to study for my bachelors!

I must also confess that I still have not taken the placement test for math! I kept putting it off and wanting to study a bit before I take it so I don't have to take so many catch up classes. But alas, I have still put it off. So I will be spending some time this week studying and depending on how well that goes because I really need to take the test. I am running out of classes that I can take that do not need the math prerequisite! ha ha

Ok, I am pretty sure the first coat of paint is dry - off to do another! Hope you are all having a fabulous last day of Spring!

This is what is keeping me busy today - I have been inspired by all Jeremy's hard work on our bookcases. I am so excited that we are so, so close to being done with our renovation project and am eager to share when its FINALLY put together.


  1. I'm a new follower! Great job on the chair and good luck in your class this summer!

    keeping up with kristi

  2. Hi Chrissie! Thanks for following my blog. I am sure your chair is going to turn out looking great. I hope that your class goes well this summer.



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