Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Artichokes and Nursery Purchases

Officially feeling less than glowing today. I have not been sleeping well recently but last night took the biscuit, in a bad way. I felt like I ate something that disagreed with me, dinner just sat in my stomach and there is limited real estate in there at the moment so slow digestion becomes even more of an issue.

Jeremy had bought a couple of beautiful artichokes at the store this weekend, he loves to cook them and then dip the leave in butter sauce so that was on the cards with some left over chicken from the weekend. I am not sure if it was the chicken or the artichoke that my body decided was a poor choice, but whatever it was I felt like rough. On top of baby boy was a whole artichoke and and that is exactly what it felt like :(

I forced myself to get up when Jeremy left for work this morning because I hoped that it would propel me into a productive day. I knew if I just turned over and closed my eyes "for a second" my whole morning would be gone. I knew I had lost many hours of sleep last night between regular pregnancy discomfort and feeling really nauseous so I have no doubt I could have slept until noon if I had let myself.

So I got up, ate breakfast, checked email, and am now writing this blog. I would be doing homework but I am struggling to keep my eyes open already. Maybe a nap would have been a better plan. Seems that my body is not so good at faking it as it was pre-pregnancy. So now I am planning a little cat nap before I try to do anything too productive.

Yesterday, (before the mis-guided dinner consumption) I was excited to get to check off some more baby preparations. I think we have finally decided on our nursery wall colours, I cannot wait to actually paint and see it all coming together. I think that most women have a piece of having a baby that they have been dreaming of since childhood for some people its picking out clothes but for me setting up the nursery feels like the dream coming true. Every decision, every purchase, brings with it hope of things to come. I ordered an adorable lamp which I imagine will be providing a soft glow through the room while I am up feeding my little man in the wee morning hours. Jeremy thinks it's goofy how excited I get, but he enjoys seeing me happy even though he doesn't get the same joy from an Amazon order! ha ha!

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