Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chocolate vs Fruit

Week one of the quarter continues to go well. I am starting to feel more familiar with the classes and the expectations of my professors. My anxiety about taking on such a full schedule has eased some what and I hope that I might even enjoy this quarter!

My consumption of Cadbury's mini eggs and creme eggs however is more of a concern. I am trying to be good, but failing. I am trying to remind myself that everything I eat, baby eats and lots of sugar is NOT good for him. I's resolving to cut myself off. More and more as I read about maternal nutrition and the effects on children I recognise that it is my responsibility to feed our son well while I am carrying him. And to this point I haven't done too bad of a job but my Easter candy obsession is starting to worry me.

Baby boy is kicking away as I write this so he's doing ok so far, but I want him to have a taste for fresh fruit and vegetables. Pretty sure he can develop the taste for chocolate by himself in a few years! ha ha

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