Sunday, April 29, 2012

On the couch :(

I was hoping that I would be sharing pictures of us surrounded by the tulips today, we had a plan and everything. However, I woke up this morning feeling under the weather. Pretty unspecific symptoms but generally achy and tired and that feeling of coming down with something. We went to church, but I felt lightheaded and just not quite right. So after we left we had to decide what would happen to our plans. I wanted to go so badly, but the general not feeling well and the nasty sciatic nerve pain which has returned once again (only now it's moved bum cheek to the right) and Jeremy became pretty insistent that we stay home and I get some rest.

I know he is right but I hate cancelling plans, especially when it means not getting to do something I really want to do, and not getting to do it with good friends.

I am writing this from my space on the couch. As I was watching 'My big fat gypsy wedding', and thinking I should be using this time to do something more useful, I felt as though God gave me a word of encouragement. A word that told me, this is only the first of many times plans will get cancelled, or rearranged in the years ahead.

Today, I could have pushed it and gone to the tulip festival. I almost did. But I know it my heart that it would not have been the best for me, or baby. He needs me to be well. He needs me to be rested. So today, my mama-ness took over and ultimately I made this choice for him.

So on this couch I will sit. Feet up and resting. Feeling the kicks and rolls of our little man telling me I did the right thing :)

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  1. You did Chrissie! There will always be more tulips but you'll never get this time back...and sitting on the couch sounds lovely...I cleaned and sewed!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I have so been encouraged by your story and was thinking of you as I wrote my post.

    Much love and prayers heading your way!



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