Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Cankles

I feel as though over the last few days I have officially 'popped.' I have seen a few acquaintances from church who I assumed knew I was pregnant because I feel as though I have been showing for ages, but I think that until the past week I was still in the "is she pregnant or isn't she?" stage, and because most of them know something of our history with miscarriages and our plans to adopt I think they were really cautious to ask about the belly until now - when it is undeniably baby!

I am also recognising that my body is not always able to keep up with my head. I like to be busy, but I am having to make sure that in my busyness I am taking breaks to sit down. Over Easter weekend I was on my feet a lot, and on Monday I was also standing for longer than I realised. By the end of the night, my ankles were super puffy. Almost beyond recognition, my legs went straight from leg to foot, cankle city! I know that as i get bigger and the weight my legs has to carry increases this will not be an uncommon occurrence. I anticipated swollen ankles were on the cards but I just thought I would have a few more months without them. Guess not.

I confess here on the safety of my blog that I did a little more baby shopping this afternoon...all essentials of course. I mean, every baby boy must have dinosaur t-shirt right? At least the swollen ankles will limit my shopping as time goes by! ha ha!

1 comment:

  1. I just realized that you are about as far along as my sister who is pregnant! Drink lots of water and use your cankles as an excuse to chill on the couch.



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