Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Era of the Belly

My oh my! Something tells me that the next few months should be officially renamed, "The Era of the Belly."

Not the best picture, but here we are at 25 weeks 6 days.

Of course, when you are soon about to wave goodbye to the second trimester of pregnancy, you should expect to have a belly. In fact, if I didn't I think I would be pretty mad that I had nothing to show for all my efforts!

I didn't have to worry about it, I saw a change in my body early on, and popped officially on the early side also. Until recently though the belly has been a part of me. Now I feel as though it's taken on a life of it's own.

When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes forget that I have the belly and then I walk into the bathroom and my reflection takes me by surprise for a second. And then to the shower. We have an average sized shower, but the last few uses have been comical. Bending over to shave my legs is physically impossible - this is a mix of belly and height combining forces. Luckily I can feel my way around parts can't see, it's a little like reading braille!

(As a P.S. I have noticed on more than one occasion when shaving that I have forgotten to shave both legs or underarms on a previous occasion. I guess "The Era of Pregnancy Brain is a fall back name for this time period)

Back to the belly. For the past two days, I have managed to spill not insignificant amounts of food or coloured beverage down my shirt, and not noticed until hours later when I see my reflection in a mirror as I wash my hands. That feels like a win for the big B.

Sleeping at nighttime is another belly win. As in, the belly might sleep but I do not. Actually, baby boy is very active at night, and it seems every time I have to adjust position, it bothers him enough that he has to readjust his own. It means the belly is moving and shaking and that means sleep is hard to come by. The huge pillow is still wonderful but it has slightly lost it's edge against the belly.

Another laughable belly event happens every time I am trying to get into the stall in a public bathroom. Suddenly when I turn to shut the door - Belly - now I have to back way in, practically standing on the potty itself before I can close the door.

It took me almost 10 minutes to put on socks the last time I tried. The belly throws my balance off so trying to do it standing up is no longer possible, but the belly is also too big to make sock-putting-on simple sitting down either. I have do do some pretty impressive contortionist moves to achieve my goal of toasty toes.  I think its the universes way of telling me to get a relaxing and fabulous pedicure and then commit to slip on flats and flip flops exclusively.

Here is my current view - so long toes, see you again in a few months.

This post would be lacking something significant if I didn't mention the belly button. The beautiful innie I have been blessed with since birth, suddenly took on a life force of its own and now seems determined to prove it's worth by sticking right out. I have three layers on today, and it has failed to pacify the belly button.

I am not sure how I will get any bigger, but I have been assured I will nonetheless.

Keep growing baby boy - We love you x

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