Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hormones. Check.

Another beautiful weekend in Seattle, it just makes everything better. We had to run errands yesterday but we picked up lunch at Whole Foods mid shopping and took it to a park to eat to get to spend time out in the sun. After the 'to do' list was complete, er headed to my sis-in-laws to witness the maiden voyage of her new fire pit. It was the perfect excuse to be outside for the afternoon and evening!

With the sunshine has come another new phenomenon, unexplained crying fits. So until this point this pregnancy has not been the flood of emotional turmoil I had been expecting. In fact, the physical discomfort seemed to be what has affected life for us the most. But just today I have had two meltdowns.

The first while I was driving us home from church, not ideal. I had taken navigated the Target parking lot on the way home because J wanted to get something. Now anyone that knows this parking lot knows that it is not exactly a stress-free environment at the best of times but Sunday afternoons it is a zoo. My stress levels were WAY up already but after J made some "gentle suggestions" about the way I needed to reverse to get out I couldn't hold it together. I drove a few block and the tears just kept coming and I felt my anxiety rise even more because my emotions felt like they were spiraling out of control. I managed to safely pull over and J took over the drive to the grocery store. It was kind of ridiculous.

We got the things we needed from the store and hormones had rebalanced themselves enough for me to be very confident to get back behind the wheel and take us home. I guess I just need to pray that that is not something that happens on the day I take my test!

Then we got home, made lunch and just when we were going to sit down to eat, J sat where I was planning to sit and that set me off again. Oh my! This is going to be a long few months if this is going to become toe new norm! ha ha!I am hoping its just me and the belly adjusting to the sunshine?!

Thought it was time for another belly pic too - certainly popping now, as is my belly button!

24 weeks



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