Friday, April 20, 2012

Practice, Preparing and Nesting

Recently we have picked up a few of our important baby items, nursery furniture, stroller and car seat to name some of the stash. However, without a real need for them yet, they have come out of the car and stayed stacked in their boxes in garage. We assembled the crib and dresser and put them in the nursery a couple of weeks ago but then we ran out of steam.

We decided we needed to get them out of the boxes just to make sure they weren't damaged and we needed to return them, so that the receipts would still be valid. We first pulled out our stroller, J put the wheels on and then promptly proceeded to pose as if he was pushing it around town. It was so sweet, and even though I am totally biased, hilarious too!

I just kept thinking I can't believe I own a buggy (yes, I know here they say stroller but when I was thinking in my head about how awesome life is today, I think in British) I have pushed many a child in buggies and strollers over the years but it feels strange to think that this is my buggy for my baby. I love it. Even the orange colour. We got this particular stroller because the day we went to get one this colour/stye so it seemed silly to pass up on this crazy deal because of the colour (we had already researched and decided that this was the brand we wanted). I was a bit nervous it would be really bright but it's actually much more toned down than I anticipated so all is good. What do you think? Sadly the camera was not handy to capture J and his 'daddy' posing but this is what our boy will be cruising around town in!

Next up was the car seat. I made J read the whole instruction book for how this works. After we read all about it and tried it out on the floor of the living room, we headed to the garage to see if we could actually fit it into the back seat. It was surprisingly un-complicated. Our car has the 'latch' system so it is super simple to connect the base. What a great invention! It was so funny to be lifting the seat in and out and trying to really imagine doing it when our son is sitting in it. It felt like we were playing house or something. We chose the Chicco Keyfit 30.

All that to say, we feel confident in our choices and are so enjoying getting ready for our little guy to make his appearance in a few months!

Another development is that my nesting has begun. At least on paper it has. My list of all the nesting I will be doing at the end of this quarter of school. Organise our master closet. Clean out the pantry, connect our buffet and hutch and attach that unit to the wall, hang some pictures, paint the nursery (of course) and put up pictures in there...there is a lot more but that's enough for this example! ha ha!

Is it still nesting if most of my list is for Jeremy to actually do?

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