Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Sunshine

Well, the sun was shining bright and beautiful again in Seattle. I forced myself to go to a coffee shop to study for about four hours to cross some homework assignments off my list. Looking out at the sunshine was certainly a good motivator!

I saved some reading to be able to do in my back garden before the sunshine got scared away!

Our yard has fallen out of favor in place of baby prep recently and sitting out there just reminded me of all that needs to be done. I realised that the weeds don't seem to be deterred by the crappy weather that we have had until now. Looks like a yard day is in our future. I feel as though this ever prominent belly will make bending over more of a challenge as the weeks past so I want to get things planted pretty soon. I don't have huge plans but I will be digging up my herb pots and putting in new starts, weeding my rose garden, planting some flowers in my front pots and then maybe putting down some new mulch or topsoil in our garden beds.

I guess that is a pretty long list. Perhaps my nesting instincts will hit the garden before they make it to the rest of the house?

Does anyone else feel inspired to get life in order when the sun shines?

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