Friday, July 13, 2012

37 weeks in bullets

Last night was the penultimate time that our mum-to-be community group will meet. Not long now until babies start to arrive. It's been a joy to get to know you, and laugh with you ladies as we share this journey - looking forward to many future playdates!

My sweet hubby is home safe and sound having survived the flash flooding in Texas...only to be greeted by crazy thunder and lightning storms today.

At my doctors appointment yesterday my cervix was still closed, so no imminent baby but I like to think he was just being obedient to his mother and waiting until his Daddy was home. I hope he will be as cooperative when we are now saying, "c''mon out, son". In reality, I'm not expecting him for a few weeks but I can hope and pray.

My stomach continues to contort into some of the craziest shapes and confuse me totally when I try to imagine how baby is hanging out in there.

I have started to actually have some knowledge about the sport of cycling. My hubby is a big Tour de France fan and a few years ago he has introduced me to the event. I had zero desire to watch at first but I did because he loved it so much, and now three years in I can name some riders and even know what the red and white polka dot jersey means :)

Cadel Evans is an Australian cyclist who won the Tour last year, we joked that of he wins again maybe we would call the baby Cadel. Yesterday he had a bad ride and pretty much took himself out of the running to win. Guess Cadel Blocher is not to be :)

I am obsessed with cherries right now, they are in season and totally delicious and irresistible to me and my ever-hungry belly. Sadly, I am leaning from experience that my body cannot properly process them in the quantity in which I have been consuming them - which is just unpleasant. Good thing cherry season is short!

I am definitely out growing a lot of my maternity clothes. I had on some shorts and a tank top which had been a great fit just a couple of weeks ago that now do not meet in the middle...I guess that its a good thing people in public don't want to upset a pregnant woman by telling her she has some belly showing! I see moo moo's in my future :)

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  1. What about Bradley Blocher then? I still prefer Peter (Beta) Blocher though.



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