Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nesting. No joke.

When Jeremy told me months ago that he had to take a short business trip in July when I would be 36+ weeks pregnant, I was less than excited but I felt that we would still have a month to go before the baby so I wasn't too worried. However when he took off on a plane earlier this week my giant belly did a flip...
So many thoughts ran through my head; What if the baby comes while he is gone? How would I cope with labor without him? etc.etc.

The reality that this baby is technically full term, (37 weeks today - a watermelon) and could literally come any time is hitting home in such a real way since he has been gone and I am counting the hours until his return later today. Luckily I have some faithful girlfriends who were willing to spend the nights with me in case baby did decide to make an early appearance.(Thanks, Anjie and Lindsey)

When people talk about nesting I had always associated it with being on my hands and knees scrubbing the house. I lie to have things in order, and have enjoyed having the time to get some things done but I  haven't really felt that urgent pull to clean, maybe it's coming? However, I have noticed that I like to be home. I can be gone for a couple of hours at a time, but anything longer and I start to get anxious for home. I was talking with my dear friend Marie the other day and she mentioned that she experienced the same thing close to having her baby. I think it's another side of the nesting instinct. Wanting to be in your comfort zone, and have things together and organised - I am realising that with J being gone my world felt disorganised and that nesting instinct went into overdrive wanting him to be home and ready for baby.

Every twinge, ache and cramp which I would have ignored before he left was a panic moment that baby was about to make his way out and things were not as they should be.

Our nursery is very close to being finished. Really all that is left is hanging things on the wall...we also have pictures and things to hang in the dining room (that's been in the list for literally 2 years) the office and the bathroom. The quantity of hang-able things has meant that this weekend we are having a "hanging day" and getting all the pictures and frames from being in piles around the house, to being on the walls where they belong. And even just by writing that, the nester in me is soothed :)

Me and my watermelon baby are off to the doctor today for our weekly check up, hoping he is still head down and getting ready to come out soon. With the heat continuing through the next week a couple of days in hospital air-conditioning wouldn't be too shabby.

Happy Thursday to you all x

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