Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th 2012 :)

Hoping all my friends and family over on this side of the pond had a fabulous Fourth, and were able to get some sleep last night with all the fireworks banging loudly well into the early hours,

It is always strange for me to celebrate the Fourth of July, I feel a little traitor-esque, but now I am breeding with someone who makes my baby boy half American. So for my babe, my hubby and all of my fabulous American friends I will raise a glass (of lemonade) and celebrate the birthday of the nation I call home.

And in the thinking of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" Here was my contribution to our celebration! Fruit pizza :)

We celebrated with our dear friends Dave, Marie and their little guys and we knew they had invited their neighbours over too so we looked forward to meeting new friends. What I didn't know until they arrived was that my sweet school friend Mary and her husband were their neghbours!!  For a big city, Seattle sure does have that small town feel sometimes! We celebrated in the typical fashion and had a delicious BBQ -we could even sit outside because the weather was beautiful. When it cooled off we retreated inside and played cards while fireworks started booming outside. One the way home, we were able to see some of the local displays and the families who live around the lake by our house set off a bunch of very loud and sparkly fireworks right as we were getting home which was a fun end to the day.

I love fireworks but it is still strange to me that here people watch them in the summer, shows don't get started until late at night because it doesn't get dark until late, and it is usually still fairly warm. In England, our firework celebrations happen in November for Guy Fawkes when it's cold. It gets dark early too so after the bonfires, hot chocolate and fireworks you can head home and warm up before it gets too late.

Hope you all had a fab fourth whatever you did to celebrate.

So it's official. Baby is 36 weeks gestation. Safe to come whenever he wants to...hoping that it's sooner rather than later. The forecast for today is beautiful in the low to mid 70's, so I am planning to get outside and enjoy before the temps creep up this weekend. I am fairly sure that those 80+ degrees will not be all that fun with the giant belly.

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  1. Sounds like a nice 4th. Jealous of your weather. Its 105 here today. Totally miserable and has been this way for going on two weeks. Way to pregnant for this heat lol!



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