Monday, July 9, 2012

Preparing (still)

Monday morning. Start of another week. What's this one going to hold? I am feeling more and more like a hermit. I am not wanting to venture out too far from home by myself in case something starts; what if I have one of those crazy water-breaking episodes like you see in the movies? Or what if a contraction knocks me off my feet? So many what if's, it makes staying close to home very appealing!

I have lots of little things to do around here, so it's not as if I am sitting twiddling my thumbs and honestly with the heat, I don't like to venture too far from my ice lolly source either :)

It's actually amazing what happens when life circumstance forces you to slow down, all those little things which have been at the bottom of a 'to do' list or the things which never even made it to the list can be completed and suddenly you wonder how you put off doing the for do long. Things like wiping out and organising bathroom drawers. You use them every day, and you live with the disorganisation because you start to remember that the Q-tips are somewhere under the flu medicine and to the right of the spare tooth brush heads, but seriously being able to see everything and know that its clean in there, and there are no stray hairs or other random yuck is SO NICE!

I wonder if mamas-to-be staying close to home is why nesting has become such a pull in the final weeks of pregnancy. We suddenly have time to do all those little things that we have been happy to ignore for years! If this kid does wait until his due date to show up, I think I might just get to everything...

I have been having more and more Braxton Hicks contractions. I have had them infrequently since about 20 weeks but they have never hurt. They are still not painful but they are certainly becoming less comfortable/more noticeable. I am also having some cramping especially after I have been on my feet for a while. At the end of grocery shopping yesterday I would have sworn I was about to have my period  if I didn't know better :) I know that these are both symptoms which say, "you are heavily pregnant and sometime in the next month you will have a baby". I am not reading anything more into them but it's kind of exciting to be able to feel my body preparing.


  1. water breaking episodes. I always wanted that to happen to me so i could say "my water broke" lol never happened. But hip hip hooray!! You are close!!!

  2. Haha I can so relate to this post. We have a white board up in the kitchen that I jot misc projects down on so I can "get to them" and the list was getting QUITE long for QUITE some time. I am proud to say that all but two things have been scratched off as I am waiting out the end of this labor! Also, my apartment has never been more consistently clean and picked up than it has the last few weeks. It's like I keep making myself believe that if I clean up she'll come! I know it's not true, but it sure does feel nice to have everything so spit spot!

  3. And when I said labor I meant pregnancy! I only WISH I was in labor!



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