Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Head down!

Just got back from the doctor and she is certain that the baby is head down. I am thrilled. He has been hanging out sideways (transverse) for most of the pregnancy and if he hadn't moved we would have had to have a c-section. Of course, that would have been our story and we would be totally blessed but I feel almost giddy at the thought that I can try to have this baby the good ol' fashioned way. Of course we don't know the end of our birth story, but as long as he stays put we might at least know the beginning :)

I confess a few weeks ago the idea and fear of labor had begun to keep me up at night but this morning when the doctor confidently told us he was head down I was relieved. I guess that revealed how much I want to have the chance to labor naturally. That feels good. I feel as prepared as I can be and while I have no experience to tell me what to expect physically, I feel confident in my birth support from Jeremy and from our doula and I am beginning to get more excited about the whole thing - which is a relief!

The classes we took with 'Great Starts' from The parenting Trust have been a really great resource. I am not sure how much we would remember without the prompting of our doula when it comes to the actual labor but it did feel like the information gave us choices that have allowed us to create a birth plan that we are comfortable with. We went through the birth plan with our doctor this morning and she was happy with the stipulations and preferences we have. We are well aware that birth is unpredictable, and our birth 'plan' is more accurately a list of preferences for each possible scenario. It is just good to have the information so we can make informed decisions about what will be a very special time in our lives.

I remember so clearly the doctor telling me, "if you make it to the 4th of July, we won't try and stop labor" (I am officially 36 weeks on Thursday). It was early in this pregnancy and felt an eternity away, but now it's here, or at least tomorrow it will be :) I cannot believe how quickly the last few months have gone.
I am left wondering if this final month will go bay as quickly or if it will drag.I guess that will depend how long it is before baby boy decides to make his appearance.


  1. What great news!

    I had my daughter at 35 weeks 5 days which I notice is what you are today ;-)

  2. Yay! He's getting all ready!



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