Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heating up

I confess that while many Seattle-ites have been grumpy about the lack of summer so far, this is one pregnant lady who has been quite delighted by the lack of heat so far. The last couple of days have been hot and more uncomfortable than previous days.

We took the opportunity yesterday to go north about an hour or so to one of our favourite little towns on the water, La Conner. We have spent lots of nights camping there in previous summers but my night time discomfort and frequent need to pee has not made that sound appealing - not to mention the poor weather - so we haven't made the trip as much this year. We decided to just go up for the day. The camp site lawns are on the water and have beautiful views, perfect to lay out and read for an afternoon plus we planned to visit our favourite waterfront cafe to partake of their accurately publicised "Best fish and chips". Sounded like a plan :)

And for all intents and purposes it was a fab day, the fish and chips were, as always, delicious, and the lawns were quiet and perfectly shaded and sunny to make for a comfortable afternoon temperature-wise. However, the 'laying out' part of the plan was not so genius, at least for me. I can't lay on my back or my front at this point in pregnancy and side laying just reminds me of the tossing and turning of the nights so it was hard to relax and was made no less uncomfortable by the active little man inside. So I sat. I sat on the blanket legs straight out, I sat legs crossed, I sat in the lawn chair...and repeat. About every 15 minutes my legs would get restless or I would over heat and need to drink water or eat a snack and the book I was trying to focus on was became a distant memory as the afternoon continued. I wasn't unhappy, but I was certainly not comfortable and to call it "relaxing" would be a stretch, from my perspective. There was a time when I was sitting eating my ice cream bar, sun on my face, baby taking a break from dancing in my belly that I felt relaxed and at this point in the pregnancy, I'll take it :)

Today, we are having a low key day and trying to stay cool.

When I woke up yesterday, I felt like the bump had got a little lower, what do you think? Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

Feeling every one of my 36weeks, 3 days and my 43 inches.



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