Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Curiosity, junk TV and more waiting

My sunburn is still looking mighty angry. I confess, my vanity is quite happy that baby boy might take a couple more days to come out so that our first pictures won't include my glaring red chest and arm!

I am slowly creeping down my list of things that it would be good to do before the baby arrives. Sadly, any nesting instincts I have had of the cleaning persuasion have left the building. I had a vision to deep clean our bathroom today because I am hoping that we will labor for a time at home, and envison taking a shower and being in that room for a while during that time. Not that it would hurt anyone to have less than spotless floors, but it might make me feel less anxious to know they were clean. I haven't done it yet but it's not the end of the day either, right?

Yesterday I started to print some pictures to go in the baby memory book that we were given. Of course, most of the book is for filling out after the baby is born to record all his special moments and all his firsts, but the pictures of family and some of the thoughts regarding pregnancy can be filled out now. In fact, I think getting some of that information down before the baby gets here will be better because it's fresh in my mind. I hear my brain may turn to mush post baby.

I also did multiple loads of laundry which may not seem like a big deal but seriously it felt like an Olympic event, all that bending and squatting gave me contractions with every load. Not real contractions but some noticeable Braxton Hicks.

Of course as the days pass, I am curious to know what actual contractions will feel like and to know if I will recognise when I am in labor. I am told there will be no doubt when it happens but until it does I guess it will be a mystery ;) I am also eager to know what our labour will look like. Will it start with contractions or waters breaking? Will my waters gush like the movies or trickle? What time of day will things get going? Will I need drugs to get through it?

I confess each morning when I wake up I am excited for the possibility of waters breaking with my first bathroom trip of the morning and as I get more and more uncomfortable through the day I feel ready to meet this boy - however, by the time 9. 30pm rolls around I am almost pleading with him to let me sleep and wait until the morning! Maybe that's the problem, I am sending mixed messages? ha ha - Not to mention the Olympics on TV is killing me because I am staying up way later than I have been for months to watch the events.

I can remember waiting to hear about friends having babies, but I never realised quite how surreal the final pregnant days can seem. (Notice I said final pregnant days - I want to be ready to have to wait a couple more weeks to meet the babe, but in all honesty I just can't prep my mind that way. I have to believe he is coming close to his due date! After Thursday I'll take each day as it comes!)

I have watched a lot of TV these past few days. I confess that the Olympics is a wonderful companion. Also, I watched an episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey where they went RV camping which made me laugh out loud. Plenty of junk on the telly to keep me distracted between visits from friends, walks to the coffee shop and running errands...C'mon kiddo all we are waiting for now is you!


  1. Chrissie, I am sooooo waiting for the post that says he's here!!!! I am so thrilled for you and praying for a peaceful labour and deliviery. Much love!

  2. Oh wow! He's almost here!!! Nothing like junk on the telly to settle the mind, eh? LOL! Can't wait to read your story...you will have all of your answers very shortly. :)



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