Wednesday, August 1, 2012

39 weeks, 6 days in bullets

Sunburn update. The farmer tan on my arm has faded into almost nothing. My chest burn is  pink around the edges but not so glaring on the rest of it. This tells me baby boy could make an appearance now. My vanity would allow it.

I have pretty much resigned myself to wearing a dress until the baby is here, and possible for a week or so after while things are sore and healing. If I owned a moo-moo I would wear it without a second thought, but alas I don't, this dress (and it's equally loose fitting friends) will have to do.

I keep making plans for the days ahead, trying to trick the baby into thinking I am not waiting for him so he will come. Not sure its working.

Yesterday 85% of my calories were from ice cream.

It is so fun to watch the Olympics, and I confess I am cheering for some of the US team as well as Team GB.  Also, I think us Brits need to remind ourselves that just because we are hosting the event does not suddenly make us good at sports! We will be much more impressed/less disappointed if we keep our expectations low, celebrate effort and small victories and be surprised when we do get medals!

I went to see my doctor this morning. I was not expecting any change from the last couple of weeks. I was right, nothing happening over here. However, they will induce before the end of next week so assuming he doesn't decide to surprise us and come on his own accord (still praying he will) this will be our last weekend as a family of two for certain.

We will be eating out a lot in the next few days, sleeping in, and making the most of our final pre-baby days. So excited!! For these days together and for knowing baby will be here for certain next week!!


  1. Before the end of next week you're going to have a baby!! Woohoo, I am so excited!!!!

  2. Hope all goes well with birth. It is a very wearing waiting in the final days, I was 10 days late with Maria and it did seem like she was never going to leave the comfort of my womb, but thankfully she arrived and I avoided being induced.
    My advice after three births, would be to remain as relaxed and positive as possible and also to keep moving (walking about) for as long as you can during the first stages of labour, let gravity help you along . Main thing is don't panic - women having been giving birth for thousands of years, long before hospitals, so relax and listen to your body and let nature take its course.
    Best wishes for your baby's birth day.

  3. Yay!! So excited for you!!! Youre in the final stretch!! Enjoy this last weekend together. Also from one mommy to another, let yourself sleep at night in the hospital, take advantage of the nursery. They will bring him in to feed etc. It really helps the healing process.



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