Thursday, August 9, 2012

41 weeks...but who's counting?!

I spent an hour and a half walking around Greenlake this morning hoping that gravity would help us out. If I am looking obsessively (which of course I am)I can say I have had a few encouraging symptoms that somethings changing but as I keep being reminded there is no time frame that I can count on. The only thing I can count on is that the baby will come out sometime. And at this point, he really is on borrowed time. They won't let me get to 42 weeks, so his days are certainly numbered.

We keep going back and forth about induction and I am realising its because I just want it to happen on its own, but at the same time I have less patience or endurance to wait as each morning post-term rolls around. I love Gilmore Girls and remember laughing at this scene when I watched it the first time as a single gal back in the day. The words keep rolling through my mind as the days pass and it still brings a smile to my face as I watch it today in the very pregnant state I am in. Enjoy!

Off to another acupuncture appointment this afternoon so I am hoping the needles do their thing!

Not the most exciting post but I didn't want a lack of communication to hint that we were actually having a baby or anything. I even chose getting coffee at a chain store where I could be anonymous rather than our local coffee shop because I just couldn't take the pity looks and conversations about how huge I am, how the baby should come out soon, "definitely tonight" or other predictions. I love that community usually but my ability to remain smiley is at a limit...and it would have been before I had eaten much too and if you add in that low blood sugar factor it could have been a blood bath with my muffin!


  1. Haha that video is too funny! I miss that show! "Elephant gestation juice" HAHA
    Girl hang in there! I would say try this and that and pass down "wisdom" but Loreli is right, it doesn't work like that. I wish there was a formula but there's not :(
    I am praying for time to pass quickly for you! You can do this! The waiting is the hardest part.

  2. That is very funny. But not funny at all when it is you. You are doing awesome hanging in there and great job avoiding conversations not needed



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