Thursday, August 2, 2012

Due Date

Today is my due date. We made it kiddo. This is supposed to be your birthday...I guess you technically still have a few hours to show up but it seems you are content to stay exactly where you are. I wonder if you will make me eat my words and show up after all...?

The "plan" was always to go into labor naturally, be at home for as long as possible and then head to the hospital when I couldn't take it anymore and needed a change of scenery.

Looks like that might not happen now. Apparently you are quite happy in there and making no attempts come out anytime soon without some medical persuasion. Last night strong Braxton Hicks contractions had me wondering if something might be starting but I woke up with a belly still full of baby so I guess you were just playing with me.

My doctor will check me again on Tuesday morning to see if anything has changed, but if its all still very much closed for business then she will give me medicine to prepare my body for the induction they will start on Wednesday. She said sometime the preparatory medication can even start labor so we may end up starting labor at home in the end anyway, it would just be more manufactured.

Until then, I will be walking a lot and bouncing on my exercise ball like a fiend and rubbing acupressure points that are supposed to encourage labor!

It's funny how attached you can be to a date. August 2nd 2012 has been  etched on my heart since last November when we found out we were pregnant. At the time it seemed like a world away. Because of our history, it was a bit of a fantasy that the date would end up being anything more than a mark on the calendar that reminded us of something that didn't happen. Something that could have been.

And then we woke up and the calendar tells us we have arrived. It's August 2nd and my belly is swollen with a healthy baby just waiting to enter the world.

I feel quite sad that this will not end up being a date that we commemorate year after year. I will have to wrap my head around a new date that will hold such beautiful significance. The birth day of our first born. Now we just wait and see which date that will be.


  1. Chrissie, hang in there!!! This time can be the hardest as you are expecting a certain date to mean the arrival of your little one!! I had to keep telling myself, God knows your timing better than the doctors and me!! And it was so true!! Praying for the birth experience to be amazing for you and your husband and that this little guy will make his entrance at the perfect time! :)

  2. I felt attached to Luca's due date...May 10th (mother's day that year) but then he came out c-section on April 15th, tax day. I say that 4/15/09 all the time and am so use to it now that I have to remind myself he wasn't even due in April:)
    I am so excited that your sweet baby boy is going to be born soon and I can't wait to see the pictures soon! Thinking and praying for his entry into the world!

  3. Thinking of you and bubs over the days to come... not long now :) Hope their arrival goes smoothly with lots of cuddles xoxo

  4. Time to come out baby boy. Mommy is ready to meet you!! Praying he comes on his own in the next few days!!



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