Sunday, August 5, 2012

40 weeks 3 days pregnant and record breaking heat

Yes, I would not normally consider that 40 weeks+ pregnancy and extreme heat go well together either. However, God's sense of humor never ceases to amaze me so I will take each of these sweltering days with a smile, and appreciate that while keeping my larger inflated body cool and I am not also having to keep a newborn from overheating.

The temps have been in the mid to high 90's the past two days and apparently that is close to breaking records here.

I am still managing to walk around, but clearly I look as ready to pop as I am because I have got lots of "Good luck"'s and other well wishes from strangers as I have been going about my day. My poker face is clearly not that convincing. I am uncomfortable and ready to have this baby, and it shows.

Luckily the Olympics continues to offer some distraction and I have been appreciating the efforts of Team GB and team USA to provide nail biting events to help initiate the labour process for me. I thought the Murray match this morning might do it but alas. He has his gold medal (and his silver one) and I am still carrying my golden boy on the inside.

Each morning I have Jeremy take a picture because I am hopeful it will be the one that can go in my pregnancy album as the 'final' belly pic. So far that's not working out for me, it just means I have a large collection of huge belly pictures. At least I take them in the morning before the heat makes my feet, legs and even my hair swell. I am sitting with my feet up to type this and everything looks normal.

Thankfully church this morning was cool, and then we went out to lunch with our friends and made full use of the air conditioning in the restaurant. Our house is survivable at the moment and the wet towel which I lay over me last night and the fan on full blast aimed in my direction is ready to go if the afternoon heat gets too much.

Here are a couple of pics from this morning. Does he look any lower? Perhaps that's just wishful thinking.
Hope you are all keeping cool - or soaking up the sun, whichever is your poison!


  1. I've been checking in for updates. Good luck!!

  2. I do think youve dropped a bit!! Tomorrow is the big doc appt!! So excited for you!!



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