Tuesday, August 7, 2012


When we had our doctors appointment this morning there had still been no change. Baby is not making a move on his own any time soon. However, with this lack of progression starting aggressive induction carries a pretty high risk of ending in a c-section. If there was something wrong, or a medical reason to induce we would be all over it but as of now, its just me being a worry wort, and wanting this to be over so we decided to wait a little.

Knowing my anxiety, my doctor booked us in for a non-stress test and an ultra sound to check the fluid levels surrounding the baby for tomorrow morning. If those tests come back showing baby is in distress, they would induce. If they come back normal we will have to decide how to proceed. We could start with some medication to see if it would get things moving and if nothing happens we could stop and try again in a few more days. It was nice to know it's not necessarily all or nothing if we went down that track, we could still listen to my body and follow its lead.

In an effort to do all we can to get things started I went to an acupuncturist today. When it comes to conventional medicine vs. eastern or alternative medicine I would say I am Swiss (as in, neutral). I believe in the benefits of both, and I certainly believe that sometimes as Christians we can get so caught up in the religious stamp that some treatments have we don't allow ourselves to find the benefits. The body is a mystery, God's finest handiwork. It's not an eastern superstition that connects different points in the body or recognises that the body can heal itself in more ways than we in the west sometimes give it credit to do - it's God's perfect design. All that to say, yes, I think it is right to be cautions about what we open ourselves up to on a spiritual level, but I also do not believe we have anything to fear if we are going into any situation prayerfully. (Don't get me started on my yoga soap box)

Anyway, acupuncture has worked for some friends who were trying to convince their bubbas to come out so I thought it couldn't hurt to try. All I have to say is that this will not be the last time I participate in a treatment. I loved it. The needles didn't hurt at all going in, and you cant even tell they are in once the treatment begins. The wave of relaxation that flowed over me was amazing. As the therapist massaged certain places on my legs and back I could feel a heat sensation in my pelvic floor and felt even more relaxed. It felt rejuvenating and relaxing and I am hopeful it started to give baby boy a gentle shove in the right direction. We have another appointment booked for Thursday which I am hopeful we won't use because he'll be here already but if not, I will happily take that hour of relaxation and preparation!

I certainly threw a little pity party for myself this morning when the doc told me there was no change. In fact, I almost cried, but I have tried to walk through that as the day moved on and surrender once again to God's timing in this. This baby's name is written in His book, he knows the number of his days...including when that count will start, which is a good reminder of my own desire for control when God is asking me to trust.

So we continue to push on pressure points, drink raspberry leaf tea and take Evening Primrose Oil but ultimately, we are giving this birth to you, Jesus. Please guide our decisions, and help us to make them with full trust that you will bring our baby boy to us healthy and strong - whether its tonight or a week from now.

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  1. A lot of "first" babies are late. With ds he wouldnt come out either. Csecs are not the worst, so dont be scared, Ive been through two now. And the improvements with technology in the last 6 years has come a long way. I was very comfy this time around! Cant wait to see your little bubba!!



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