Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dear Levi - One Week Old

Dear Levi,

Happy one week of life my beautiful boy! Already it is hard for me to remember a life without you, these past seven days have been the most amazing of our lives. Your Daddy and I have loved to get to know you this week; learning how you like to be soothed, and what makes you mad! So far you seem like a pretty laid back little man, only becomming a fusserson when you are hungry or have a dirty diaper. You also hate being un-swaddled if we need to change you or put you in the car seat or something, I think that once you are warm and cozy you don't like that to change, but who does?

You are a super alert little man, you hold your head so well already and are always looking around to see what's going on. You love to look up into the face of the person holding you and you study their face, taking in every detail your little eyes can hold.

You are feeding like a champ. You certainly took to breastfeeding without issue, which I am so thankful for. You were impatient for my milk to fully come in and we knew that your little tummy was hungry as it waited. There were a couple of moments when you had become so frantic and inconsolable that we didn't know what to do. We held you close and rocked you, hoping that you would at least find some comfort knowing you were not alone, when you looked up at me with those bright blue eyes full of tears you will have seen the tears falling from my eyes too because not being able to help you feel better just broke my heart.

I never knew I could love someone this much, this fast, but little man, you stole my heart from those first cries and each day my love for you just grows stronger.

We spent a couple of nights at your Grandparents house this week because there was a crazy heatwave in Seattle and our house was so hot that we we not sure how we wold keep you cool there. Grandma and Grandpa Blocher have a cool basement which was a wonderful retreat and you did so well sleeping there. We had a four hour family sleep time between 4and 8am today! You got lots of good cuddles in with both Grandparents and they loved having you so close.

When you are fed and have a clean diaper, you are pretty much the happiest peanut in the jar and will gladly receive lovin' from whomever is holding you at the time.

Daddy and you have had fun times too. He loves to wear you in the baby carrier and you snuggle your little body down and fall sleep. You like to be close to him, and love looking up into his face.

You have been doing ok with your sleeping and napping, but boy do you fight it sometimes. I think you are afraid that you will miss something if you close your eyes. I promise the world will still be here with everything you want to explore when you wake you baby boy.

Your beautiful blonde curls are a delight to everyone who sees you, Daddy wants to get you some hair gel so that he can give you a mohawk,  He just loved to play with you hair. Lots of times when you are feeding he will sit next to us and just stroke your hair. He loves you so much, another heart stolen there little guy.

I know they say babies don't start smiling until they are 6 weeks but I swear little one, you are smiley. I cannot wait until you have more control over them, and I know that you are smiling at me.

You are certainly hard work too little dude, our lives are no longer our own, but we wouldn't change it for anything. We love you so much and we cannot wait to see all the ways you will grow and change in the future, but please don't grow too fast!

We thank God for you, and His goodness in blessing our lives with such a precious gift.

Love Mama x

I love how you are looking at your Daddy in this picture :)

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  1. He is just precious!! Yay for breastfeeding going easily!!!



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