Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dear Levi - 2 weeks old

Dear Levi,

Another week has gone by already! People always told us that in this season of life the days pass slowly but the weeks pass quickly, and they were right.

You had a lot of firsts this week; your first time at church, your first actual blow out, your first shot at the doctors, your first ride in a stroller and most exciting, your first time cuddling with your Nana and Grandad who are here from England to meet you.

You have enjoyed the extra cuddles, because you certainly don't like to be put down! You are a very social little guy and when there are people talking you are bright eyed and looking around to see everything that's going on. This is a fun quality in most circumstances, but at night you fight going to sleep like no one I have ever met. You are so strong willed. Daddy walks with you around and around, rocking and shushing and your heavy eyelids open and close for a very long time before you finally give in. We have learned that you have to be in a deep sleep before we place you in your bassinet or the whole process has to start over again.

You have a large appetite and I hope I am going to be able to keep up with you. I am pumping through out the day after you feed to try and get some extra milk. Originally I had wanted to make more so I could some day leave you in the capable hands of someone we love while Daddy and I go on a date but so far I have only made enough that we can give you an extra couple of ounces with your night time feed which settles you to sleep.

You are sleeping so well since we started giving you that extra before bed. You wake up every 2.5- 3 hours to be fed and then you pretty much go right back to sleep...usually Daddy gets up to change your diaper before you eat because you have a great habit of emptying your tummy right before it's time to eat. I guess you are just making room!

You do a long stretch of sleep in the early morning until 11.30 or noon so we need to try and talk you into making that a little earlier so it works for all of us to get a longer stretch of sleep, although I am not sure when i would take a shower if we did that!

You make the sweetest noises when you sleep, you have a quiet little snore which gives me a great peace of mind at night when its too dark for me to obsessively check you are breathing.

We have actually had time to change you from bedtime onesies to day time outfits this week and you have been very cooperative. I know it's not your favourite but you do a good job of letting me play dress up. You are the cutest little doll ever and everything looks adorable on you. I am sad that you will soon have outgrown lots of your newborn clothes.

At the doctors on Wednesday you had only put on 2 ounces so we have to go back next week to make sure you are still gaining weight. You are certainly feeding on a good schedule so I hope that the extra pumping will pay off when we go back.

A big piece of your cord fell off this week. I am glad because I am sure it was not comfortable to have it on there, you just have a little more left to come off but I am sure that will happen soon too. It seems so strange that that is how you were connected to me, that it was through that cord you got all the nutrition to grow you into the 8lb11oz bubba you were at birth.

You continue to give the sweetest little looks, and my heart just melts when you look up at me with those big beautiful blue eyes when you are feeding. I love feeling like I am still giving you what you need to grow healthy and strong.

Love you, Buggy

Mama x

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