Monday, August 6, 2012

Nothing to report

Hello friends, it is I, the ever-growing one.

Sorry for the boring, complaining blogs recently. I realise even my own mother is probably fed up reading them by now. As much as I thought I was prepared for a wait to meet this little guy, I was/am not. My friend in the UK with the same due date as me had no symptoms and then went into labour and had her baby girl yesterday - well, today her time I guess. I am so, so, excited for her, but oh so jealous too.
Even the shiny gold medals that Team GB keep winning are losing their shining distraction powers.

Last night we put up the very final pictures and bookshelves in the nursery. So baby has no more excuses. I was willing to take some of the blame for his tardiness because of the outside possibility he was waiting for his room to be done, but now it's totally finished in there so there goes that "reason".

I should give some kudos to my hard working hubby because we discovered that having our nursery door closed for the past few days meant it had become a sweat box in there - even with the unpleasant;y hot conditions he faithfully drilled holes, touched up paint, vacuumed dust and finished off all the little tasks I had on the Daddy-do list. Me, well, I faithfully pointed out where things were supposed to go and then retreated to the cool family room with the fan aimed straight at me.

Last night I was hopeful things were starting to progress. I was getting some pretty uncomfortable cramping and pains and could not get comfortable to sleep. I kept feeling pressure and heading to the loo hoping that it was "it" but no such luck. The heat was not helping create good sleep either. Jeremy was sleeping and I went back and forth deciding if I should wake him up because of the cramps. I concluded there was nothing he could do. I wasn't ready to get out of bed to try to get the cramping to ease, I just wanted to sleep and having him awake wasn't going to help that. At about 4am I finally fell asleep on a huge stack of pillows so I was practically sitting up. When I woke up it was business as usual, no cramps, no pressure. Just a big belly. Pretty sure that this kid is a 9lb -er. I guess we'll find out soon enough. 

So in the last few days, my world has become pretty small. I am not wanting to venture too far from home period, but certainly not on my own or on foot just in case.

With all this time on my hands, I have lots of thoughts swirling in my head. If he is still in there this afternoon, I will try and form them into a post for tomorrow!


  1. So sorry you are this pregnant in this heat!!! Fingers crossed that he comes soon!

  2. Baby Boy, you have a lot of people waiting to meet you! :)



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