Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parenting a two week old in bullet points

Sleep deprivation leads to easily getting distracted. I just looked at my feet and realised that I had only clipped toenails on one foot.

In the shower, I managed to get shampoo in my eyes - yes, it does sting as much as kids would have you believe, and also to inhale some suds which then made my nose burn. Pretty sure both events were the result of literally falling asleep while showering.

Babies are unpredictable.

Babies can have gas which teenage boys would be proud of. I swear people think I am using my baby to cover my own loud gassiness...not that I am above such behaviour, but to this point they have just been genuine but loud baby farts.

It would be remiss not to mention the sore nipples. Don't worry, I won't focus on it, but it is definitely a significant development since my parenting journey began.

In other breast feeding news, the way my baby boy looks up at me with his big, beautiful blue eyes while he us feeding just takes my breath away. I am so in love.

Gas pains can totally change your baby's personality. And not being able to make their pain go away will reduce you to tears...or at least it makes me a blubbering mess. 

C-section recovery has been significantly less painful than I was expecting. I feel so blessed that this time has passed quickly and without much pain. I kept up with my pain meds for the first two weeks, but have been medication free for the past two days without any noticeable pain.

Turns out its a good thing we don't have too many newborn outfits, turns out there is little time to be spent getting an infant dressed. Our kid has been known to wear the same onesie for bed and then for the next day. Pretty sure when he is done with wearing an outfit he lets us know by peeing through it so we have no choice but to change him.

Communicating with my husband has been reduced to passing the baby back and forth, and playing Words with Friends. So far, I am winning so it's all good.

Trying to get a passport picture for an infants passport is not as easy as you would think. So far we have tried 3 places on two different days and still not found anyone with the equipment and/or ability to take it. Tomorrow we will give it one more shot...otherwise Levi will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa while we go home to visit England this fall!

My kid gets cuter every day.

It's really hard work, but it's all worth it.

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  1. Chrissie, I had to laugh at much of your bullet points! It is so true!!!!! The sore nipples will only last a month to a month and a half and then you'll be fine. So glad God has given you the joy of motherhood :)



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