Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Messy mum and speaking words of encouragement

Today I felt like I passed the final test for new-motherhood prep. I answered the door (to a friend) in my PJ pants, a baggy - read dirty - tank top and a sports bra. I hadn't brushed my teeth and my hair was pulled back but falling out of the hairband. It was one of my finer style moments ;)

Until this point, I could and would have pulled on an outfit to disguise my sloth-ness. I would have dragged a brush through my hair, swished some mouthwash and squirted on some lip gloss. Despite how I take my time to get ready on a regular basis, when faced with answering the door I can go from sleeping to presentable (if you don't look too closely) in a time that would get me on the Olympic team. Now, this morning was a little different. I wasn't sleeping first of all, and I knew who was at the door but still, in regular circumstances I would never have appeared in front of anyone looking how I did - in fact, I didn't even look in the mirror this morning. I am just so huge and uncomfortable I really didn't care.

I imagine it will be far from the last time that friends see me in that state! I am sure that when little man makes his appearance my lack of sleep will overshadow any princess-dreams I have of make up, clean hair, and clean clothes...and honestly, I don't think I will care when I have my little man. He'll still think I'm pretty, right?! ha ha!

More and more the realities of the many ways life has and will change are beginning to dawn on us. Some we are excited about and others we know just come with the package with a newborn! Some people who have had kids like to tell parents-to-be how little sleep they will have and how they will never get to spend time together and highlight all the negative aspects of parenthood. I believe their motives are not bad but it can sometimes be hard to hear. We will discover all those things, but this is our dream come true. We are trying to make preparations as much as possible to keep our sanity post baby but we'll have to figure it out once he arrives; as we get to know him and he gets to know us. The good, the bad and the ugly will happen on it's own. My friend perhaps caught a glimpse of the ugly this morning from my 'just out of bed look' ha ha !

I hope that in the future when friends become parents we can be one of the other voices in our lives; ones of encouragement. Not making light of the huge changes approaching but more instilling confidence in their ability to be the parents they want to be. We know first hand the blessing that such words have been to us and we will stand on those words when the days get hard.

Until the contractions start, or the water breaks it's a waiting game for us.

In other news, CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet friend Clayre, her husband Daniel and their little boy Will on the arrival of their little girl Emma this morning. Labor envy kicking in over her, but as my husband keeps reminding me, "he'll come when he's ready"


  1. Lol yes, im sure you will have many more "messy look" days but thats okay. You become very comfortable with it bc your priority is your baby. I dont think the sleepless nights are too bad, dont let people scare you. Im not sleeping now and think I will actually get more with a nb lol. I also think it brings you SO much closer with your spouse, a deeper level of intimacy that doesnt only have to be sexual etc.

  2. Read your blog last night as I sat up in the hospital getting zero sleep :). Here's the thing, it's hard and tiring and all of the negative stuff that everyone says but it's the best and most beautiful hard and tiring thing you'll do. I remember with Will on nights when I'd be so tired and he just wanted to snuggle (this still happens on occasion) and I'd be frustrated and then he'd do something so "Will" like look at me a certain way or smile or put his hand gently on my arm and all that frustration goes out the window. You are going to love every minute of it Chrissie, even the hardest most tiring moments. I can't wait for you to have yours! Love you!



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