Friday, February 24, 2012

17 weeks and counting...

Butt pain is still giving me grief. Last night at 4am I spent 15 minutes trying to roll myself out of bed to go to the bathroom. I was in tears it hurt so much and none of the tricks I had been using to move without pain were working. When I woke up this morning I rolled out of bed and got up and going without any problem. Go figure, I guess it just depends on how the mood takes it. Walking is slower than usual as every other step gives a sharp pain but I can get around. I found some good stretches to try out so I am hoping they help.

In an exciting update, I have been feeling the baby move! For a week or so I have been feeling flutters that I thought might be baby but last night when I lay still in bed he or she had a dance party! Unmistakeable. J was very sad that he couldn't feel anything from the outside, and I am praying that that happens soon so we can share this incredible event but for now, selfishly I am happy that its me that gets the baby lovin'. It only seems fair with the negative physical stuff I have to deal with. I seriously cannot believe that we are far enough into pregnancy that I can actually feel our baby move. According to Google, this week baby is the size on an onion. Cute. The cutest onion in the world.

I am well aware of the growth spurt going on in me. My hunger has again reached teenage boy proportions. But my energy levels have dropped a little too and naps are back in my daily schedule and waves of nausea have been more frequent again so my inspiration in the kitchen is severely lacking! Hoping that the new copy of cooking light which is just sitting on the counter waiting for my perusal will help in that area.


  1. Can I bring you guys meals? I have my Saturday and Sunday pretty open if it'd be helpful for me to lavish some culinary love on you :)

  2. Yay for movement. Its so reassuring!! I cant wait til my boys and dh can feel it either. I try to have dh feel but no luck yet:(

  3. I am so glad you are feeling the wiggling now!! For me, that's the best and most reassuring feeling in the work. When I get all worried and nervous and talk myself through the "oh no, ive done something to hurt the baby somehow" nonsense, I just stop and whisper, "Hey baby, are you there?" and every time he/she moves. Seriously. I pray for more and stronger wiggles! J will love feeling them!

  4. I had a LOT of pain in my rear end whilst pregnant the 2nd time. The physio I visited told me to sit on a golf ball(!), right on the painful area, just gently and not so it's excruciating but it really helped cos the muscle had tightened right up and the 'massage' from sitting on the ball just loosened it.

    Don't know if it'll help but it might be worth trying - either that or see if you can get to see a physio...

    Yay for kicking babies! Enjoy it now - once I got to 30+ weeks it was rather uncomfortable!! xxx



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