Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A pain in the bum (literally)

As far as pregnancy symptoms go I feel as though I have got off pretty lightly. I certainly had nausea and fatigue - which has had a second lease of life in previous weeks, but even those have been mild in comparison to some other pregnant friends (It doesn't feel mild at the time, but I know it is)
I have managed to avoid most other uncomfortable symptoms, my skin has actually improved since pregnancy.

However, a few weeks ago I began to notice an ache in my lower back. At least that is how i would explain it, but if I am honest it was always a little lower, in the bottom region! In the past few days it has moved from the middle to my left cheek. And it has got much worse. I wince when I find myself in a position that triggers it, the pain shoots down my leg.

Being gone this weekend and sleeping on a harder mattress seemed to trigger it. For the first half hour on Saturday and Sunday morning I could barely move! By the time I was ready for bed on Sunday, it had got so bad I was literally in tears, and struggling to walk. I told Jeremy I was going to crawl up the stairs because I thought that would help...bad idea, crawling position was even more painful than standing. I can laugh about i now but at the time it was far from funny.

It was bad again yesterday and today after I woke up but seemed to ease at least a little through the day. However climbing up the stairs to my class today was a little comical from the perspective of the other students!

I am hoping it eases in a couple of days, but otherwise I might have to give my doctor a call and see if she can find a physical therapist who can help me and my rear end feel less painful. My googling has led me to believe it could be some sort of sciatic nerve problem which makes me a little anxious because we are not quite 17 weeks yet, and I really need a properly functioning bum cheek for the next six months to be bearable! Praying that it gets better soon.

When I thought about pregnancy and for so long when my prayers were to be in this very situation I had a very picturesque idea of what that would mean. I am trying not to complain about anything because I do recognise the gift that this pregnancy is. But I think I am in the midst of a reality check that pregnancy isn't all rainbows and unicorns with fuzzy edges and dipped in chocolate. This can be a tough thing for your body to go through. It is a miracle but that doesn't eliminate the physical realities!

So this tired pregnant lady is signing off and doing a funny walk worthy of John Cleese into the kitchen to help my hardworking hubby finish making dinner. In my can't be trusted to not have a spasm and drop something hot but I can still mash a potato!


  1. So great to see you this weekend! So sorry, you're having these symptoms. I know how these things can be, having been to PT, Massage, Chiro multiple times. So, yes, I think PT, Massage, maybe even good Chiropractor would work wonders for you. There are so many musculoskeletal disorders which are exacerbated in pregnancy (darn hormones and Relaxin), and there are special exercises, support belts, stretches, etc, which really can be helpful.
    Praying for you.
    Blessings, friend, Jen

  2. Chrissie, I know EXACTLY the pain you are talking about! It sidelined me for a few days with Will when I was as far along as you are. This time I feel it creeping slowly and I am hoping it doesn't become full blown. Anyhow, I saw a Chiropractor a few times and that helped majorly! I also had to modify housework a bit and stop running (booooo) as that seemed to trigger it. Anyway, chiropractors are a God-send so I highly recommend one! Good luck!

  3. Im sorry about the pain, it does sound like the sciatic nerve. Hopefully baby will reposition and it will go away!!!

  4. Sounds exactly like sciatica... ice is a big help! Be careful not to lay down too much with it or it can actually make it worse. After suffering with the same thing, I really know how awefully painful it can be! Praying for you!

  5. I had a bad sciatic nerve problem too... massage helps a TON. Find a good massage therapist that specializes in pre-natal. :)

  6. Yep! Go see a chiro who is experienced with pregnancy chiropractic care. :)
    Smooch, Kristyn



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