Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things not to do while pregnant #647

Try to learn a language

Seriously. This quarter of school has by far been the most challenging for me. First of weeks of school I was still in the throws of nausea and extreme hunger, after which came total distraction when we hit our 12 week mark and the real day dreaming about babies began - and by day dreaming I also include the hours spent trawling the Internet for nursery ideas, and cute baby stuff in general! The past couple of weeks I am realising that I have retained little to nothing from this quarter, and I have a test today that I believe will uncover my secret. Yikes.

I can fully participate in class and feel like I know what I am talking about but somewhere between the classroom and getting home to do homework all I have heard and learned fall away. Maybe it fell out on the bus?

I had hoped that pregnancy brain would not interfere with my life too much but I really want to do well in this class, and it is frustrating that it is a little beyond my control and I feel like I am struggling.

Does this short term memory lapse get better or am I doomed? (Pretty sure I knew how to ask that in French once.)

In other news, our grocery budget last month was blown out of the water! seems that even though I am far from eating for two, I am craving variety so needing to eat every couple of hours whether a snack or a meal as well as eating gluten free has created a rather large whole in our grocery budget so we had to pull from other areas of the budget...good thing I have had 0 desire or energy to go out and our entertainment envelope has been untouched for sometime!

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  1. lol. Glad to know that your entertainment budget was able to help out with the grocery bill! It's so nice that you two are able to budget things like that. For now we've just been trying to have enough money to make ends meet. A budget? I hope to get there eventually....

    And I hope you do better on your test than you think you will =)



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