Monday, February 6, 2012

N.T. scan and Snowmegedan 2012

Written January 19th, 2012

It has been snowing like crazy for the past few days and today contained hours of snowfall and an ice rain storm. It is snow day 2 from school but we had our scan scheduled at the hospital and snow or ice, we were going to see you again little plum.

So we wrapped up warm, J is working from home too because the roads are so nasty, and off we set. Luckily the hospital is very close by so we didn't have to slip and slide for too long.

My bladder was full on arrival, as requested by the doctor, and in to the room we go with our lovely sonographer. I laid down and the probing began. Easy to see you baby and your strong heart beat. You are measuring well and growing like a weed. However, the sonographer saw that you were sitting up straight - very cute, like a little gummy bear but apparently is the absolute wrong position to get the measurements that they needed to. For an hour the sonographer worked to get you in the right position; I turned on my right, and to my left, she elevated my feet, prodded you with the wand, had me cough, had me walk laps around the hospital and eventually empty the bladder (thank you Lord!) You were batting back whenever she prodded you with the wand and you covered your sweet face with your tiny hands. It was just precious.

Let's not forget the moment you decided to wiggle like you were running, arms and legs going and I couldn't hold in my screech of laughter, it took me a good few minutes to settle myself and stop my belly from shaking. Man, you were cute!

The first sonographer called in reinforcements from her boss. He came in and tried to get you in the right position but to no avail so we were told to come back in an hour for another go!

Already a feisty little thing aren't you!!? I would expect nothing less as the contributor of half your genetics, and we love you so much already.

So, under the charge to refill my bladder for the second appointment, and not wanting to venture out into the arctic conditions more than we needed to we stopped at the little cafe in the hospital. J had a sandwich because he hadn't eaten lunch and suddenly this scan had become an all day affair and I had water and a hot chocolate. I may have over estimated just how much liquid I was consuming, because by the time we were called back into the exam room, I could literally not stand up straight because my bladder was so full! I must have looked so silly, but I couldn't think about it at the time I was too busy focussing on not peeing as I walked. Only a few minutes into the second scan the sonographer took pity on me and let me go to the toilet! Feeling much more comfortable, back on the table you were turned around, and though you were face down rather than the ideal face up they were able to measure what they needed to - you're so independent already! Everything was in the normal range which was good, and the blood work they did will come back in a week or so - we pray that that will also show you are as healthy as you are cute...

You are now the size of a plum, about 5cm from rump to head. Just precious and moving all over the place.

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  1. awwww!!!! that is so awesome! lol. loving the sound of your actively independent little one! =)



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