Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lots O' belly!

Belly updates...Thanks for asking for updates, it reminds us to capture this time in pictures! Honestly, life/pregnancy at the moment is not really lending itself many natural opportunities to take pictures so these will have to do. I hope that I will have more energy to be social and actually leave or house for something other than school, work., church or grocery shopping (our highlights right now!) I will say we went to dinner at a friends house on Friday night which was fabulous but it's been a while since we have had plans on the calendar.

On to the belly.

I feel as though I am stretched to my max. Friends and common sense assure me that I am not. These were taken exactly two weeks apart. There is not a huge difference, but certainly some growth visible!

Here we are at 15 weeks

And here is 17 weeks



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