Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to dress this changing body...

About a month ago, I noticed that by the end of the day my jeans felt uncomfortable snug and I would have to undo the buttons to get to the end of the day.

I had heard rumor of a wonderful piece of clothing called a 'Belly Band.' The loop of material made of elastic that you can wear over the top of your undone jeans and trousers so that you can still wear non-maternity clothes even if they are too snug to wear done up all the time. I wore my belly band religiously until this past weekend when I think I have had to retire it. I was hoping that I would be able to stay in regular clothes way into my second trimester but it doesn't look like that is my most comfortable option.

By the end of last weekend my clothes were uncomfortable around my waist. My mother-in-law had taken me shopping for maternity clothes the week before last and I was happily surprised by what I found. The jeans with the huge elastic band...turns out they are not as ugly as you would think and potentially THE most comfortable pants I have ever worn. Why don't we make all jeans elastic-waisted?

Plus, the tank tops and t shirts in the maternity store are all really long, which will be great when I have a real pregnancy belly, but for now, they are just great for me as a tall person!

I imagined that pregnancy clothes would be like wearing a neon sign around my neck saying, "Look here, pregnant woman walking" and I was afraid that people would think I was silly because of the lack of baby bump. But the clothes just look like normal clothes, the only difference is that they fit wonderfully and feel great.

So, I guess my clothes shopping will be limited to only a few stores now, or a few departments but I am ok with that. I am excited to be able to dress my growing bump and still look cute. This will be the season for accessorising because as we all know earrings, necklaces and bracelets will fit no matter how big this belly gets!

I wish we had taken belly pics earlier (I first wrote belly shots, ha ha, not quite the same). Jeremy and I were both afraid that taking pictures too early would jinx the pregnancy or something, but now I don't have any of my lovely flat belly to use as a baseline! I am not sure when it became socially acceptable to take pictures of you tummy and show others but somewhere along the line it did. So here I am a week ago at 13 weeks.


  1. What an adorable bump!! I love maternity jeans. Old navy is my fave!!!!

  2. Love it - congrats!!! So glad to hear all is going well! enjoy every moment of it (I know you will) even the morning sickness!! (Braven05)

  3. I'm excited to watch you and baby grow :)
    Lots of love

  4. You are so pretty! I can already tell that baby is super cute!

  5. So fun to see your belly bump and I look forward to watching it grow in the pictures!

  6. And such a beautiful belly it is!



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