Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daddy duty and thinking ahead

I know that often in pregnancy Daddy's can feel left out or disconnected from the baby until it's born. Of course in some ways this makes total sense, the baby is not growing in side their body, they won't feel movement in same amount or frequency that the mama can/will. I was wondering how J would be through this pregnancy, would he feel that some disconnect? And my prayer was that he would feel connected, and that he would feel involved in the pre-natal season of our child's life.

I am overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility J already feels toward the well being of our baby.

He has researched which foods I should be eating and even bought fish to help make our baby smart! ha ha
After reading something about how classical music can be stimulating for a child in utero every station in our car is classical! It is still crazy to me that our child can already hear the world around him/her. And what a sweet fact we found, that often babies in the womb can hear male voices sooner and more clearly because they are lower. So now he makes sure that "baby can hear him" if we are talking in bed before we go to sleep he pulls the cover down so my belly is exposed! ha ha

This week I ended up at a last minute doctors appointment because of a suspected UTI - the initial results were inconclusive for that kind of infection so I have to wait for the cultures to grow - (yuck) however I did test positive for another "down there" infection. Nice...and potentially way too much information to share?! Sorry if that's the case. Anyway, there is a simple treatment for the infection I have but if the UTI is confirmed I would have to go on antibiotics. I told J that they called in prescription for me to start taking now which I could continue or stop once the diagnosis come though. Then I get multiple emails form J with all this research about antibiotics and his concerns about some of them and birth defects. (So we have decided to hold off taking anything until something has been confirmed tomorrow)
But I love that he cared enough to research and be so concerned about his baby already.

I have no concerns about him as a father and especially about him feeling connected.
It makes my heart so happy to consider what a blessed little one we have on the way to have a father who already loves him/her so much.

In just 5 more weeks we will find out whether it is indeed a him or a her! We will also find out more about the specifics of their anatomy, we will make sure that their heart, kidneys and other vital organs are developing normally. Of course, I have a slight underlying fear that something will be less than perfect. I trust God's plan, but I also not his faithfulness is not dependent on us having a 'perfect' baby. We are once again called to submit to God's sovereignty and bigger plan.

But we can also desire a child who will not have to fight health battles their whole life. And that is our prayer. So please pray with us that he or she will get a clean bill of health at our scan. And that we will have peace in the weeks ahead as we wait for it!

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  1. It's wonderful just how involved J is with your pregnancy! He's going to be an amazing dad!



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