Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Written December 21, 2011

Another scan today. We had to make sure that your little heat that had just begun beating a week ago had got stronger. And it had. Today we saw your heart beating at 163 beats per minute. Just as the technician was telling us that by next week we might even see you moving around, you gave us a little wiggle! It was so sweet. Clearly you like to be the center of attention - you are my child!

We also got more pictures of you. We already have enough for an album!

We have decided to tell your Grandparents and your aunt and uncle the news of your presence at Christmas which is only a few more days away. I know they are going to be so happy to hear you are on your way and they will be so thrilled that they can meet you next summer. They have been praying for you for as long as we have, you are already so loved. Just keep growing healthy and strong little one. We are so in love with you already.

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