Thursday, February 2, 2012

About the Christmas reveal

Written December 27th, 2011

Little bean, you are making it pretty tricky to keep your existence a secret at the moment. We told your grandparents you were growing over Christmas and I am sure you have felt their prayers ever since, they were so excited. I was glad to tell them for a million reasons, but one because it gave them a reason to not worry about me sleeping 18 hours a day during our Christmas celebrations!

This week, I am still having waves of nausea, they hit further apart but more intense. I am not sure if that's better or worse. The hardest symptom for me to cope with now is the exhaustion. I wake up tired, do very little in the days (at least while I wait for school to start), then I nap for a couple of hours before waring myself out by eating something and then being in bed before 9pm. According to what I have been reading, this week my hormones will stabilize and this will start me on a road to feeling a bit more normal again. I can't wait...but I will take all of this if it means you are growing healthy and strong in there little one.

We get to see you again in a couple of days. I always get nervous before a scan because I have a fear that they will tell me you have stopped growing, or your heart has stopped beating. I hope and pray for a healthy report and even more pictures of you! I think you have almost grown out of your tail, so that's good.

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