Sunday, February 12, 2012

Driving this baby

I can't believe the weekend is over already. I have done a lot of driving practice! I do not have a license, and have been working towards getting one for about a year. I am learning on an automatic and until last weekend we only had J's manual so we were borrowing cars for me to learn on. Then we decided that I would learn best if we just got a second car and had me drive every time we went somewhere together. So we did. I have a car now so I better learn to drive it!

This weekend we went out for about an hour and then later in the day we went out for another chunk of time at an empty parking lot to practice my parking....let's just say that we will need to be going back for more practice this week! ha ha

Today I drove to and from church which felt great.

I have struggled a bit moth nausea again the past few days which sucks. I thought I was past that. I am also really struggling to keep on top of my hunger. I am constantly hungry and constantly needing to eat but I am so tired of trying to think of snack to eat! Hoping this is just a growth spurt or something and the hunger might settle to a dull roar soon.

I managed to dust the bedroom and even got a load of laundry on tonight. I swear women who manage to keep on top of their housework, and jobs and other social and family commitments in early pregnancy deserve a my personal opinion, they are just showing off(!) All that to say I am hoping to be coming out of the zero energy stage of pregnancy. It's been a long time coming. I would be jumping up ad down with excitement but I just don't have the energy!! ha ha


  1. I love these sweet, seemingly tiny stories, about how you and J are living and loving together during this wonderful time in both of your lives. Keep the posts coming. Keep the texts coming. And you best be keeping the friendship going because I am going to love the crap out of your kid :)

  2. I hope you are getting more comfortable driving! I'm sure your child will enjoy having both parents around to be his/her driver. lol



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