Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Snow is falling in Seattle tonight. I love it.
I was at a pub for trivia night with some friends and we were sat looking out of a hug window as the snow got heavier and heavier.

Tonight I felt rich. I have spent the past few days with some of my favourite girl friends who have been keeping me company while Jeremy has been out of town on business. I have met all of them since arriving in Seattle all hose years ago, and they have become my community.

The past few days have included; Staying up late talking about the meaning of life. Laughing really hard. Drinking tea. Competing in the Jellybean trivia round (numbered bags of beans and you have to name the flavour!) Cooking dinner together. Making mince pies. Watching girls only TV like the Bachelor and pretty much anything with Sandra Bullock. More laughing. More cups of tea. Homework (not so fun but I did have to do some so I thought I should include it, I guess house work fits in here too!) Walking in the snow. Skyping with a very old and dear friend in Australia. Skyping with my hubby. And more tea.

It's been a full week so far and it's only Tuesday - unless you are my friend Jo in Australia, then its Wednesday. But anyway, no deeper musings tonight but I wanted to blog while I can truly feel my cup is running over.

So tonight I sit peaceful and content, watching the snow fall.

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