Sunday, January 9, 2011

You are what you eat...oh dear!

This quarter I am taking a human nutrition class. So far, reading through my text book has just made me want to eat crisps/chips. Then the food log project took effect. I had to keep a journal of exactly what I eat for a period of a few days. I realised how effective this would be for weight loss. I have to record everything that passes through my lips and it will be seen by someone else - but more importantly, everything I eat will be seen in black and white by me. Undeniable.

I would love to say I eat a well balanced diet, but truthfully it's not always the case. I do eat fruits and veggies, and it's easy to think back over the day and remember those 'good' things, but I also chomp on some not so good food and it seems harder to recall the handful of crackers or chips that I grab on the go! I say harder to remember, I really mean harder to admit!

As I have been writing down what I am eating it is providing me accountability. I have to think about everything I am preparing and consuming. I can see if I have had enough water (which I nearly never do) I can't pretend that I haven't eaten junk, and funnily enough I feel so much better om the days I have kept a record of what I am eating. I felt full because I was eating at good intervals during the day; eating a breakfast and lunch and not just grazing until dinner time, unaware of the quantities or nutrition I was actually consuming.

I only have to keep record for 3 days, but have the option to do it longer. I think I will. I am excited to see how this can help me feel healthier. When I feel sluggish I can look back and see if perhaps I didn't eat a good variety, or too much sugar or salt. I can see the calories I am eating and what I am using, and allow treats and chocolate when I have some to spare. I think this will help my chocolate addiction not to feel like such a guilty little secret. I can really enjoy it knowing that I am not over-indulging but that even chocolate can be a part of a healthy diet.

Think this could change the way I eat. I know this for sure, the first day I was keeping track, I refused my leftover Christmas chocolates (Godiva Gingerbread truffles to be exact) and string cheese breakfast in favor of one that included oatmeal and fruit! ha ha ha.

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