Friday, January 28, 2011

Fridge of Fame

It's almost February, and I have only just taken down my Christmas cards. My tardiness is partly because I just love having the Christmas cards up, but partly because I like to cut out the pictures from our Christmas cards each year and arrange them on our fridge. This process can be a little time consuming and so I have not made the 20 minutes to do it, until now! I gleaned this idea from my friend Emily, and love that other friends have now gleaned the idea from us! I enjoy the daily reminder of our friends and family and I love how God uses the pictures to call my heart to pray.

I finally bit the bullet, so to speak, and got out the scissors last night. I had almost forgotten I had even done it until this morning when I got the orange juice out for breakfast and saw the new pics. So fun to the kids we love and how much they have grown over the past year, and to see people who sent cards alone last year now posing with a fiance or husband/wife. We are truly blessed to be sharing our time on earth with such a rich community of people.

Know your cards do not just get thrown away in our house. They go one the fridge of fame and that is where they will stay - probably until next February when I get around to doing this years Christmas cards!!

Here is the new fridge, can you find yourself? - please excuse the camera work our fridge is not actually lopsided!

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