Monday, January 17, 2011

Working out on the Red Carpet

I love Mondays. I love the start of a new week (I know you might think that weeks begin on a Sunday, but it my world, it's all about Monday!)The wonder and hope of what the week will hold. Mountains or valleys, who knows, but here we are Monday ready to find out.

I confess that my work outs have been lacking recently. My get-up-and-go, had got up and gone leaving me behind, chocolate in hand! I have a love, besides Jesus and Jeremy, it's morning TV. I just love it, but I can never just watch one segment so if I am not very careful it's two hours later. PING! Wonderful idea alert!

I set up my lap top on the coffee table, and played the work out DVD on there, right next to the TV. I watched a guilt-free 30 minutes of the Today Show, while I jumping-jacked and bicep curled! I have listened to the work out commentary/instructions enough that I can almost say it by heart. Why did I not think to do this sooner?

As I think back, I barely remember the sweating and the stretching and the panting of working out - but I can tell you the best and worst dressed from last nights Golden Globe awards! ha ha!

Being up and worked out and showered early, meant the pot roast was in the crock pot and cooking up a storm before 8.30am! Hoping this is a sign of things to come for the week ahead.

Here are my personal faves from the Red Carpet, Sandra Bullock and Olivia Wilde. Stunning.

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