Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

I have a love hate relationship with cleaning my bathroom. I love when it's clean but I hate cleaning it. I found out a while ago, that it cuts cleaning time down significantly if I clean the shower right after someone has taken a shower and the tiles and grout are warm and wet from the water and steam. However, after I have taken a shower and stepped out all nice and clean, the lat thing I want to do is head back in there and get all hot and bothered while I scrub. I realised that it is much better to get in, wash my hair and then clean while the water is still running so I can rinse myself and the tiles before I get out and we'll both be clean!

Now, the reason my bathroom looks like it hasn't seen a good clean in a couple of weeks is because it hasn't...but my excuse is that I keep forgetting to being up my cleaning supplies. I usually remember I should have brought them up somewhere between the shampooing and the rinsing and repeating. Last night, I thought I would be so on top of my game and put the cleaning supplies and even the mop in the bathroom so it would be there ready for action when I fell out of bed and into the shower this morning. How could I forget when I literally had to trip over the soft scrub it to get in the shower? Well, turns out I can't forget but that is why I am still in bed writing this, avoiding the dreaded cleaning by avoiding showering. HA!

Ok, no more bathroom talk.

My blood test came back at 4, not the 0 that I would have loved to see but I guess anything under 5 is considered negative so we have the all clear to start trying again if we want. We are both still feeling hopeful that we could have a healthy pregnancy so I think we are game for trying again -at least at the time this goes to print! I am going to start acupuncture soon to see if that can help get my hormones back at good levels. I have heard some amazing stories of this treatment, even though the idea of needles everywhere kinda creeps me out, I feel like it is a good direction for us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess.

And on that note I have to venture into the bathroom!


  1. I'm embarrassed to say how long it's been since I actually scrubbed my shower. I usually take a towel and just wipe it down right after I get out...does that count? :-) Cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite jobs!

  2. ha ha, I'll have to try the towel thing. Our shower is white, but I know it's been too long when the pink stuff builds up everywhere! I think I had to clean less when we used regular cleaners but since we switched to the natural ones they don't seem to keep it as clean. However, I feel much better about breathing in any fumes they put out than the bleach!

  3. After seeing the link to your blog on Facebook for about a year, I finally clicked on it and read it...backwards. :) Thanks for letting us peer inside your heart. You are brave. It is from the depths that the highest joy is eventually reached.



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