Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three little things

Day 2 of Jillian, Regis and Kelly. So far so good, but my arms are SO sore! At least I know it's doing something. And I am dangling a carrot of a shopping trip to Crate and Barrel if I keep us the program for 30 straight days. I was doing well before Christmas but took a day off now and then. This time, days off are for slackers!

Recently I have had lots of big stuff to process and have used writing as a way to do just that. I love to use this blog as a vessel to process, and share and I appreciate all of you who read and journey with me.

This however, is not going to be a deep blog but it may give you a little insight into how my mind works! I am a perfectionist, and I like to go the extra mile to make things ordinary things, special. I love to be in my kitchen, and I love to cook; for my husband, for our friends and I really love to host celebrations whenever we can find a reason.

This weekend, we hosted a little pancake brunch for friends to watch the Seahawks play off game. The food was better than the game. But while everyone dished up, a few comments about my kitchen gadgets made me realise that they may not be common items in other people's homes.

I love these gadgets, and they can make breakfast seem a little special. I know that people can collect cupboards full of little unnecessary gadgets that are never used because you can do the task without the specific gadget and you forget where you stored the (for example) apple peeler. You reach for a regular peeler or a knife instead. I do not own an apple peeler but if I liked apples, and therefore made apple things often I would probably get one - as it stands I know enough other kitchen-gadget-lovers who have them to borrow from!

All that to say, I do not have a drawer full of unused gadgets, when I buy something, I usually use it.

Jeremy likes to make "funny" little side comments when we are in Williams and Sonoma and I see something "useful" or when he see a receipt from Crate and Barrel and gingerly asks what I bought now~! However, he will always apologise when I pull out these gadgets and actually use them - which I do often...and often when I am making him something delicious to eat!

These three are a little bit of special in the kitchen. I have more...but for today let's focus on this triplet of kitchen fun. Who knew I could have been made so happy by these little bits and bobs, but I love them. These are also special because they were wedding presents so they remind me of that too!

First of all, the powdered sugar spoon. This can take a little practise for best results. If you put too much on the spoon it will spill over a you sprinkle, but when you get it down it makes all things pancake or waffle look beautiful! This little fellow makes a regular appearance on our breakfast table.

Then the teeny little syrup pitcher. It is perfect for heating up syrup in the microwave before putting it on the table. It's appearance makes you feel like you are in a restaurant. I think this brings a little special to a brunch/breakfast spread. It easy to take apart and was in the dishwasher, and means you don't need to put the sticky icky syrup bottle on the table. (This picture makes it look really, really little, in reality it is abut 5 inches tall!)

Finally, these are not necessary to eat a grapefruit but I believe they are a great asset to the process - Grapefruit spoons. They have a jagged edge, not sharp enough to cut you but sharp enough to get the flesh of the fruit out without having to cut it with a knife before. As an avid grapefruit eater these are used almost daily, and I love them. My spoons are a little different that this picture, they have yellow plastic handles, pretty, pretty.

So there you have it. Unnecessary kitchen gadgets that make me smile! Is this a guilty little secret? Not anymore!

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  1. I love the size of your powdered sugar spoon! I use my large "seive with a handle" to add my powdered sugar. Hmmmmm..... I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.



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