Sunday, January 2, 2011

Next Step...

The gift of community was so enjoyable in our life today. I forgot that we are having an infertility issue. The burden that has been front and center in my mind for weeks with no signs of lifting, was suddenly displaced without warning when I began to look beyond myself.

At church this morning, we were challenged to seek God for our next step. As we took the elements for communion, Pastor Scoot encouraged us to reflect and wait on the Lord's voice. I was asking God for clarity about our family and the direction we are to go now. I was expecting adoption or IVF to start flashing before my eyes, but instead just felt a peace and a "check back again soon."

We were supposed to be meeting with our newlywed small group (I think we might have to update the name of our group soon, as we all approach our 18 month mark!) Anyway...Our group leaders had to cancel at the last minute because they and their kids had all come down with the flu and were feeling pretty rough. Immediately the thought of taking chicken noodle soup over popped into my mind. Was this my next step? Possibly. Probably. So off I went to pick up a couple of ingredients.

While at the store, another idea popped up. I should just make a huge vat of chicken noodle soup and invite the healthy component of our small group over for the evening. Jeremy had been less than heartbroken to know he wouldn't have to DVR the second half of the Seahawk game tonight to watch after small group, so having friends here to watch the game was an added bonus.

Bringing soup to our friends who were sick, and lightening their 'to do' list a little, and having people here to eat dinner, watch Seattle get into the play-off's (who would have guessed?!), laugh and care for each other felt so life-giving. It felt like the community we talk about. It is intentionally going out of our way to care for people, and intentionally asking people to be a part of our lives that brings us true life.

I have felt more myself today than in a long while. I am in no doubt that being preset in our community in these ways today was God's next step for me today. I guess you get what you ask for.

Today I was willing and obedient to step out and be who God was asking me to be. It is always more of an adventure to live life that way. I wonder what's in store tomorrow, and I hope I have the strength of faith to walk the path before me. One step at a time.

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  1. one step at a time for sure. Talked to Gordon last night, sounded pretty rough. I am sure the soup was a huge thing for them. I am seing more and more that all God is asking of us is obedience to the next step.



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