Monday, March 12, 2012

Alive and Kicking

Trying to get to sleep last night was hilarious. Firstly, even though the clocks "sprung forward" on Saturday night my body was feeling decidedly jet lagged by 8.30pm. We pushed it a little but around 9pm I was getting ready for sleeping and I was really looking forward to it. However, as I got comfy in my huge pillow nest (see previous post for pics) little buggy decided it was time to party. The biggest kicks to date, and frequent enough that J got a bit tired of me grabbing his hand to feel them. I guess after a while in one sitting, one kick feels the same as the next!

The whole kicking thing is very strange, it makes my stomach churn a little when buggy does the big flips, but the kicks are just hard to ignore. And last night, bugs was not wanting to be ignored. So I gave up and sat back up to watch the end of the comedy show J was watching - poor guy has been very patient with me since my bedtime had receded to that of a 10 year old so I think he was enjoying the company.

Seems that this was not enough for the bugster, he/she wanted full attention so the show ended, we turned off lights and still kicks were socking my belly. I can still smile with each kick, it still blows my mind there is a little person growing in there. However, this is not behavior I am wanting to encourage, this mama needs her sleep! ha ha

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